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Mark Patterson Suspension

Mark is based in our workshop in Rotorua and is one of NZ’s top suspension technicians.

With 36 years’ experience, suspension is his specialty.

Mark is an authorised WP Dealer, and services all other brands too.

All shock oil filling and bleeding is done with a vacuum bleed pump (just like the factory does when building your shock)

A bit of history.

For those of you who may not know me, here is a brief career and racing history.

I started riding motorcycles on the farm about age 12, progressing to riding motorcycle observed trials. I worked my way through novice ranks to expert to finish 3rd in NZ Championships in 1978 and was chosen to represent NZ in a 3-man team to compete against the Australians in the annual Trans-Tasman Championships at age 16.

I started work as a motorcycle mechanic apprentice at the age of of 15. In 1984 I started my own motorcycle repair shop in Tokoroa called “The Bike Shop”. I passed my trade certificate and A grade certification in Motorcycle Engineering.

In 1979 I started riding MX culminating in a best finish of 2nd in the 250cc class NZ Championships in 1984 (1st NZ Rider).

My interest in motorcycle suspension was a natural progression from being a motorcycle mechanic and a MX rider. Of course I was very interested in getting my own bikes to handle properly.

Back in the mid to late eighties, there was a lot of emphasis on engine tuning, porting etc, but most people seemed to ride with their suspension as “stock”. I think this was mainly because there was very little information available regarding servicing and performance improvement, particularly for rear suspension units. It was regarded as a bit of black art, and probably still is in some respects to this day.

I started servicing rear suspension units with some degree of knowledge I had gained servicing my own shocks, and soon I had people coming to me to ask if I could improve the action of their suspension. Eg. Moto-X bikes being ridden in trail riding situations. To begin with, my knowledge of rebound damping, compression damping settings and appropriate valve settings was very limited.

In 1989 I started work at KTM Importers where I started servicing the Dutch WP shock absorbers. I developed a close relationship with the technical staff at WP in Holland and gained invaluable experience regarding valving changes etc.

In 1994, myself, my brother Bryan and Fred O’Connor started Patterson O’Connor Motorcycles (a Kawasaki Dealership). In 1996 we were appointed the KTM dealership and it was about this time I devoted more of my time to specialising in servicing and reconditioning suspension units.

Now 22 years later, with a vast amount of experience, I am still committed to improving and repairing suspension for all brands and models of motorcycles.

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